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Tracy Fledderus

Main Photographer

A big city girl with a small town heart.

I was raised in Brighton, Ontario - a town that thrives on fields, fresh air, and genuine people. Ottawa has been my home for just over five years now, and I quickly acquired a taste for the busy, hectic city life. However, nothing will ever beat a day on the lake with loved ones.

I am a people lover. I am at my happiest when surrounded by others and taking part in their adventures through life. Being able to capture my client's most intimate and genuine moments is truly an honour. I am very lucky to have a job that fills my life with such beautiful people.

I have always been in love with art, fashion and design. I have recently been bitten by the travel bug and my passions have started to cross over the oceans. I am so fortunate to have my work bring me to incredible places across the world, as well as show me hidden treasures here at home.

Believer in true love, leaps of faith, and miracles.

Oh, and coffee. Lots of coffee.



Dave Hassar 

Second Shooter

I am an observer. I always have been, and I’m sure I always will be. I recharge in the quiet moments. I love the fast paced, bright lights of a city, but I’ll be hard pressed to turn down an opportunity to get out to the woods.

Fuelled mostly by espresso and good music turned up loud, free time takes me to the many art galleries and restaurants Ottawa, or whatever city I find myself in, has to offer. Don’t be surprised to see me in my own kitchen, trying and not always succeeding at new recipes.

When I’m not behind a camera, you will find me on the tennis court, at one of the many outdoor festivals the city has to offer, or, in the winter, hockey rinks for both work and play.


                      Joy Covey


Second Shooter

I am a dreamer. I try my best to live up to my name. I love people and everything about being a part of their lives for but a moment to capture their love and adventures. I get my joy from being with others, so if I am not working to create beautiful moments with clients, I can be found outdoors taking pictures for fun with good friends or getting salted caramel mocha’s at Starbuck’s and chatting about life. I cannot draw a straight line to save my life but when I get the camera in my hands, it is such an honour to be able to create beautiful art through nature or people. My life goals are to make the world a better place by making people happy and capturing beautiful moments for them to hold onto forever.